Dropbox is like a time machine!

Posted by Anna Liu on November 07, 2012

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and look up an old version of a document or recover a deleted file? Never worry again! Dropbox keeps snapshots of every change you’ve made over the last thirty days, so you can view past edits and restore any file you need.

And if you use Dropbox Pro or Dropbox for Teams, you’ll have access to Packrat, a feature that saves your file history indefinitely, so you can always return to a previous version.

Here’s how:

Keep track of changes on the Events tab

On the web, check out the Events tab to see every change made in your Dropbox, including when you’ve created, edited, or deleted files or folders. All actions are logged as soon as they occur, and you can always review the edits you’ve made. If you’re in a shared folder, you’ll also be able to see changes made by other members of the folder, too.

Restore previous versions of your files

In addition to keeping track of all actions, Dropbox records the changes to a file every time you save! So, if you need to go back in time, you can view previous versions of your files for thirty days (or indefinitely if you have Packrat).

To view a previous version on the web, right-click (or Ctrl+ click) on a file and select ‘Previous versions.’ From there, you can choose to either download or restore an earlier version of your file.  On your computer, right-click (or Ctrl + click) the file from your desktop and hover your mouse over ‘Dropbox’ and select ‘View Previous Versions.’


Undelete files if you need them later

If you delete a file and realize later that you need it again, you can restore deleted files for thirty days (or forever, with Packrat)! On the web, click on the trashcan in the upper right hand corner to show all deleted files within that folder, then right-click (or ctrl-click) on a deleted file and choose the ‘Restore’ option.


With Dropbox, it’s easy to view changes, recover deleted files, and restore previous versions. So edit, share, and relax — Dropbox has your back!




  • http://twitter.com/bjtitus Brandon Titus

    Love this feature but what about restoring entire folders? It would be awesome to be able to roll back an entire folder to a previous date.

  • Guest

    Are read/write privileges coming, ever?

  • Bruno Lencastre

    We’ve just upgraded to Teams and we’re quite happy with it. We’re still adjusting to the modus operandi of dropbox (i.e.: sync) and one feature we’d really like is setting one-way-only or upload-only folders. This would let us drop a file or folder on this 1way folder and dropbox would mirror it on the cloud. If we erase the contents of the 1way, they still remain in the cloud for web access or until we change it into 2way (i.e. good old sync).

    Keep up the good work!


  • Roger Joseph

    RE:”Are read/write privileges coming, ever?”
    How would this benefit you. There is a change in the way you use data once it’s in the cloud. You either have access or don’t or have a shared level of control. Read/Write only corresponds to a file system level activity. Which you don’t have (does not exist) in cloud based systems.

    Mounting a file over Webdav or CIFS may some times emulate this but it’s not real. The Cloud is for Access or not Access, granular file security is for local file systems.


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