Introducing a new admin console and sharing controls for Teams

Posted by Emil Ibrishimov on February 12, 2013

We hear stories every day about how people love using Dropbox at work to collaborate and share effortlessly with their colleagues. People at over two million businesses and 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using Dropbox — from law firms working with their clients to international businesses staying in sync across the world.

Today, we’re launching a completely redesigned admin console and new sharing controls to help Dropbox for Teams admins manage their group.

We’ve been working with our customers to design features that give them the insight and tools their businesses need, while keeping the simplicity that makes Dropbox so easy to use. As Bill O’Donnell, chief architect at Kayak says:

“Dropbox for Teams has a clean, clear user interface, which is one of the reasons our employees love this product. The new redesigned admin console will make management a lot easier now from the admin’s perspective. That’s a big help, as we continue to grow and expand the use of Dropbox at Kayak.”

This launch is a first step to make Dropbox better for businesses. Admins will now have:

Increased visibility

  • View recent activity, web sessions, linked devices, and third party applications for each member of your team.
  • Get a complete picture of activity across the team. Filter by logins, passwords, apps, devices, and members.
  • Generate a downloadable report to give insight into activity for a selected period of time.

Better control

  • Set sharing controls at the account level to keep shared folders and links within the company or allow team members to decide access levels on a case-by-case basis.
  • Require all team members to keep two-step verification enabled.
  • Unlink a team member’s web sessions, devices, or third-party apps and send a password reset email, if necessary.

Check out a two-minute demo of the admin console to learn more:

With today’s new additions, “Dropbox is making it easier for IT admins to control and manage users and the sharing of company data,” says Terri McClure, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “These new features will be a welcome addition for businesses looking to bring the de facto standard for ease of use for consumer file sharing into the workplace.”

Discover more Dropbox for Teams features or check out our help center. And stay tuned, because we’re always working on ways to help you, and your organization, stay in sync with Dropbox.



  • Andy Rankin

    Do you have plans to support multiple accounts on one computer? Our staff would like to be able to run Dropbox with their personal accounts and with the company account.

    • Guest

      You can do this already.. run the dropbox native client linked to your company account, and open a browser window to the personal account. drag and drop. HINT if you use Incognito mode in your browser, you can open a different dropbox account in each window.

      • Guest

        Opening multiple windows is not a viable solution. You should be able to link multiple accounts in the app on your PC or MAC. If GMAIL can do it, so can DB.

  • Collin Zimmerman

    Can I control user names?

  • Kim

    Just add encrypting and remote purging of device data and you’re golden!

    • Andy

      remote purge of devices (without having to purge all the user’s devices) is a must!

  • Rpm

    How about read only views?

    • Teresa Raschilla

      Sending a link (versus sharing a folder) gives read-only access to that folder or content.

  • Scott Hurd

    How about being able to see actual

  • Bmartin

    How about supporting ACL’s so we can actually set restrictions on who can do what, short of re-sharing each top level-shared folder, which is not practical and hurts heirarhical structure found in most shared folder environments

  • M,I

    I’m Japanese. About 3 year have passed since I started to using DB.

    PDF,EXCEL,are easy to chek.

    At my working sean,DB must be my best acompany.

  • Aleksandr Filatov

    I’m russian and this is site veru usefull for you

  • Valter Conceição

    NTLM authentication……

  • Christoph S. Ackermann

    Common Dropbox, give us nested folder sharing control! Please!

  • Martin

    Please add sub-folder level permissions. Until then DB for Teams is not a viable solution.

  • Thgibson

    I am desperately trying to communicate direct with someone who can solve my problem. basically i have not used my drop box facility. it was set up by my son some time ago. BUT I do not know the password and he has forgotten. This means i cannot change anything because i have also changed my email address. So communications from drop box go to defunct address. Have tried to cancel old installation even but one needs the password for anything like that!!! What to do??????

    • Kim Krumpf

      I understand and are sorry for you, but to be honest: how could you do so? I mean letting do all by your son and then forget pswd you should learn what internet wants from you for givin’ you a lot!

    • Martinvoldum

      I would just make a new account by your new mailadress…
      Maybe erase and download DB once again..

  • Thgibson

    unfortunately any replies for my plea for help ( above) will probably also to to my old email. New one is

  • Wangyihao

    It’s good for use.

  • Erich

    From: Erich
    To: dropbox

    Why you guys delete all my pictures, 2500 something pictures w-t-h. How ‘em i suppose to get them back, just don’t show up in a email like i didn’t have any pictures in the account.All those memories gone. Also my account was 5gb now is 2.5 like for real it will take 4 days to upload my new pictures but all my old pictures are gone . I try all the ways to retrieve them but it says that i dont have any pictures and my space limit was reduce is not fare in my Opinion, like what happen why that .

  • melany

    esto es lo mejor que pueden hacer .. creen-ce un cuentaaa

  • M.ebebrahim_salehi
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