Meet the all-new Dropbox for Business

Posted by Ilya Fushman on November 13, 2013

Over the past year, we’ve seen people in 4 million businesses and 97% of the Fortune 500 use Dropbox to work better. From media conglomerates to mom-and-pop shops to household names like National Geographic and BCBG, our product has become a core part of managing organizations.

But as we got more excited about building more features for Dropbox for Business, we kept running into the same problem: just as people often work at home, they also want to have their personal files with them at the office. With only one Dropbox, users wound up putting their personal files in their Dropbox for Business. We needed to build a way to help people keep their stuff separate, but still make both sets available from everywhere.

Today, we’re excited to share the solution we’ve designed: connecting a personal Dropbox to your Dropbox for Business on all your devices. Each Dropbox will be properly labeled for personal or work, and come with its own password, contacts, settings, and files. It’ll be like having your house keys and your company’s key-card on one keychain and with you at all times.

The all-new Dropbox for Business

And what this means for business is even more exciting. In addition to single sign-on, two-step verification, sharing controls, and the admin console, the new Dropbox for Business comes with a suite of new features:

  • Sharing audit logs bring increased visibility and control over sharing and access of company data by letting admins audit the data flow itself.

  • Remote wipe allows admins to delete a Dropbox folder from computers and mobile devices, making it perfect for company departures or device losses.

  • Account transfer lets admins transfer all the files from a de-provisioned user into another team member’s Dropbox, letting teams operate without skipping a beat.

With your new Dropbox for Business account, you can know exactly what’s happening to corporate data, take action if something goes wrong, and easily continue your business when employees move on. Most importantly, you can do all of this without putting your corporate data at risk.

Starting this month, we’ll be rolling the new features out to Dropbox for Business customers. Learn more and sign up for early access!


  • Idan Benaim

    As much as I value Dropbox, it is hard to justify $125/yr/person when Google offers 30GB for free, and 100GB for $60/yr/person. Not to mention seamless integration with the business’ email service.

    • Merckel

      You can justify it by knowing Dropbox isn’t going to scrape your data and sell it (like Google).

      • Idan Benaim

        Thats true, but it depends on the person’s point of view. My personal opinion is that getting Ads and promotions that are relevant to my interests, and business is better than random ones. At the end of the day, all these “Free” services that people got used to online must be supported somehow.

        To be clear, I am a Pro user and I can’t wait for these changes to roll out, I’m simply bringing up these concerns from a small business owner point of view.

        • Hein

          I agree, we have only 6 accounts (1 per team) as it would be way too expensive to have about 30 accounts active. I’d rather see any of our team members with their own accounts. It would simply be too expensive. The price difference is simply too big since we wouldn’t use more data compared to know. One should be able to add extra accounts without adding data automatically.

          • Hein

            know = now

          • warren

            Citrix Sharefile for the enterprise world, Dropbox for personal use

    • tomandyourmom

      It’s easier to justify if you actually want the desktop sync to work, or if you want folder permissions that aren’t horribly broken. Wait until someone on Google Drive gets access to a file that they aren’t supposed to, then see how much Dropbox is worth to you ;-)

      • warren

        Or even better Citrix Sharefile

    • Roger

      We use Linux which Google doesn’t practically support. If they had then we likely would have dumped dropbox due to the lack of separate personal and work account support. You can hack around it with fake home directories on desktop computers, but are screwed on mobile devices. Hopefully Dropbox will implement this and it will actually work.

  • Jacob Bennett

    When do these changes roll out? Pretty stoked about being able to manage my personal box from my corporate account. Good deal!

  • No

    And yet still no simple Read/Write file controls, which has been the #1 request from your users for 3+ years… Box already beat you in Enterprise.

  • jt

    Is quota shared across business and personal accounts?

  • Charles de Dreuille

    This is a fantastic news. Can’t wait to have be able to use these 2 dropbox at the same time.

  • Dropping Dropbox

    We recently upgraded to Dropbox for Business and it is a shared folder nightmare. Every user has to re-organize the shared folders to match the hierarchy the main admin uses. This seems like a feature, but when you’re working with art files that reference one another, the hierarchy is critical to avoid broken link nightmares. It’s just not usable for creative work.

    Further, you cannot share a folder that has sub-folders already shared. Imagine trying to share a root folder with User X only to find that you can’t because you shared a sub-folder with User Y. It is a huge mess.

    The personal Dropbox and refusal to allow multiple installations of Dropbox on your desktop/laptop was the third major issue — hopefully this new rollout really is a solution.

    What our organization need is a single storage space that allows us to create users with individual read/write permissions on a per-folder basis. I can’t imagine we’re the only ones.

    • Michael

      Try Box. Just as easy to use as Dropbox but MUCH more secure. They have 7 granular permission levels, not just read/write, and lets you assign per-folder. Dropbox is cool for consumer, but Box dominates for enterprises.

      Their new sync client also lets you selectively sync…pretty sweet!

      • rolmos

        You should probably mention that you work for Box, and that your comment does not come from a real costumer.

    • Jason

      Just noticed this video[], is that true? DriveHQ challenges to Dropbox… interesting..

  • JDT

    How does this affect the Team version then?

  • prevenge

    I’m a little confused still, is this logging in to two separate dropbox accounts at the same time, on the same machine?

    Or is this just a “personal folder” inside your business account?

    I already have a personal dropbox account, it works great! My company is looking in to getting a business account… I’ll need to be able to log into both at the same time at work and home.

    I pay my bill, they pay theirs… and if for some reason I leave the company, not a problem! I have my stuff and they have theirs.

  • Dries Desmet

    The one thing that make me choose Dropbox is the unlimited file size. As a digital creative agency that does moving image as well, this is well needed. So even though we’re only 2, we have the team account and are very pleased with it. I agree the non-possible subfolder sharing is a bit of an akwardness, but forces you to organize your tree, so I can tell easily what is shared with whom (using symlinks).

  • Scott


    I want to be able to set permissions on a file or folder in dropbox. I know there is an issue with the differences in the way permissions are used in different OS’s. However, can you ignore file permission settings except those i set in my dropbox folder or what I assign at the file level. I need “Read only” many times and want to make it impossible to remove a file from a shared dropbox folder unless I want it removed.