Get a closer look at Project Harmony [Video]

Posted by Matt Holden on April 11, 2014
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A couple days ago, we told you about Project Harmony, which will let you collaborate with team members right inside the apps you use today. We’re starting with Microsoft Office, with more to follow. Here it is in action:

We’re hoping to get this in your hands later this year, and we’ll keep you updated here.

(Update) If you’d like to watch the entire April 9 event, you can check it out here.


Share with your whole team in one step!

Posted by Emil Ibrishimov on June 25, 2013
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We just launched team folders, a nifty new feature for Dropbox for Business that lets admins create a folder that is instantly shared with all members of their team.

Now, all the important information that your colleagues need, such as HR documents or training manuals, can be shared with the whole team in one super easy step. Just finalized a bunch of prep materials around an upcoming company-wide meeting? Drop them into a team folder so everyone has instant access.

“Since we don’t work out of a central location, Dropbox for Business is a critical tool for sharing our company’s materials. Being able to easily create folders that include the entire team will make the process of distributing important documents across the company even smoother.”
Alec McNayr
Co-founder, McBeard Media

Even better, once a team folder has been created, all new team members will automatically be added to the folder as soon as they join the team. So don’t worry about remembering to share the company onboarding folder with the interns joining this summer. New team members will have access to all team folders from day one.

Check it out:

Team folder screenshot

Creating a team folder is a snap! In the admin console, click Team folder in the left panel and go to New team folder. Your fellow teammates will get an email notification that they were added to a new shared folder.

Keep in mind that team members will be able to edit or move files in a team folder, just as they can from a shared folder, but only admins can create and unshare the team folder. If you have questions, check out our help center.


Customer Spotlight: Refinery29

Posted by Emma King on June 19, 2013
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Happy Small Business week! To celebrate, we’d like to share how Dropbox for Business helps fashion site Refinery29 keep their fashion experts on the same page. To learn more, check out the full case study!



Clashing patterns

To serve readers around the world, Refinery29 employs trend-spotting editors in the world’s hottest fashion hubs from Los Angeles to London. Getting scoops was never a problem, but collaborating across continents was difficult at first. In the beginning, the in-house server at Refinery29’s New York office proved inconvenient and inaccessible to local editors around the globe. Individual Dropbox accounts filled the gap, but became tough to manage over time.

Moving the entire Refinery29 staff to Dropbox for Business has given everyone quick access to files, and an easy way to share important work. Director of Business Intelligence Shawna Strayhorn says, “with Dropbox for Business, you know exactly where to go to retrieve what you need. There’s no more rushing to find someone to get assets so you can move forward on a project. It alleviates a lot of stress.”

Picture perfect

Today, Refinery29’s editors and senior staff members share directly from Dropbox, eliminating the hassle of re-uploading and downloading files every time they want to share. Now, even though their staff is spread around the world, it always feels like Refinery29 is working from one place.

Every New York Fashion Week, Refinery29 receives, edits, and publishes massive amounts of information and photographs. “In order to generate content quickly, we used to have to work from the office that week. But because of Dropbox, our editors were able to stay connected without actually coming into the office. In between fashion shows, they could work from home — or wherever was convenient — and get stories out even faster and more efficiently, “ added Kurtz.

A stitch in time saves files

From small mishaps like accidental file deletions to catastrophes like natural disasters, Dropbox for Business has given Refinery29 new peace of mind. Senior photo editor Christy Kurtz is grateful for the day-to-day time savers like deletion recovery and version history. “It’s incredibly helpful to be able to restore lost assets so easily,” said Kurtz. But she’s even more thankful to Dropbox for keeping their company afloat during Hurricane Sandy. “Dropbox saved us during the hurricane. No one had to struggle to remotely log in to a server from home. We didn’t have to stop working — even for 5 minutes.”

Dropbox for Business allows Refinery29 to maintain its momentum by letting them deliver content safely and quickly. Under challenging circumstances, deadlines, or even hurricanes, Refinery29 keeps its cool with Dropbox by its side.

Refinery 29 company

Headquartered in NYC, Refinery29 is one of the biggest independent fashion and style sites in the United States. When it comes to connecting millions of readers to the ideas, shopping, and community that can help them express themselves through the best of fashion, beauty, food, culture, and home, Refinery29 is their feel-good destination.

Keep track of your stuff with the new Dropbox menu

Posted by Max Belanger on March 12, 2013
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We know that when you’re juggling back-to-back meetings and a 22 page to-do list at work, time is of the essence.

That’s why we’re psyched to introduce the new Dropbox menu, your one-stop-shop for keeping track of your recent activity. Now, from the Dropbox icon in the top right corner of your screen, you can directly accept invitations to shared folders, quickly create links to documents, and keep tabs on what’s changed in your Dropbox.

Learn more about the snazzy new Dropbox menu on our main Dropbox blog.


Can’t wait to get started? Then, go get the latest version of Dropbox!

Introducing a new admin console and sharing controls for Teams

Posted by Emil Ibrishimov on February 12, 2013
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We hear stories every day about how people love using Dropbox at work to collaborate and share effortlessly with their colleagues. People at over two million businesses and 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using Dropbox — from law firms working with their clients to international businesses staying in sync across the world.

Today, we’re launching a completely redesigned admin console and new sharing controls to help Dropbox for Teams admins manage their group.

We’ve been working with our customers to design features that give them the insight and tools their businesses need, while keeping the simplicity that makes Dropbox so easy to use. As Bill O’Donnell, chief architect at Kayak says:

“Dropbox for Teams has a clean, clear user interface, which is one of the reasons our employees love this product. The new redesigned admin console will make management a lot easier now from the admin’s perspective. That’s a big help, as we continue to grow and expand the use of Dropbox at Kayak.”

This launch is a first step to make Dropbox better for businesses. Admins will now have:

Increased visibility

  • View recent activity, web sessions, linked devices, and third party applications for each member of your team.
  • Get a complete picture of activity across the team. Filter by logins, passwords, apps, devices, and members.
  • Generate a downloadable report to give insight into activity for a selected period of time.

Better control

  • Set sharing controls at the account level to keep shared folders and links within the company or allow team members to decide access levels on a case-by-case basis.
  • Require all team members to keep two-step verification enabled.
  • Unlink a team member’s web sessions, devices, or third-party apps and send a password reset email, if necessary.

Check out a two-minute demo of the admin console to learn more:

With today’s new additions, “Dropbox is making it easier for IT admins to control and manage users and the sharing of company data,” says Terri McClure, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “These new features will be a welcome addition for businesses looking to bring the de facto standard for ease of use for consumer file sharing into the workplace.”

Discover more Dropbox for Teams features or check out our help center. And stay tuned, because we’re always working on ways to help you, and your organization, stay in sync with Dropbox.



Customer Spotlight: Radiolab

Posted by Nina Han on January 09, 2013
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The new year has begun and it’s time to make good on our resolutions.  This year, we are committed to helping people save time and resources at work—with Dropbox! Check out how Radiolab’s use of  Dropbox for Teams allows them to spend time on what really matters: getting the message out. Download the full case study here.

Keeping everyone on the same page

When Radiolab first began, its small staff was able to share ideas, story drafts, and pertinent files in person and on the spot. But as the show grew in popularity and the staff grew in size, Radiolab needed to find a new way to keep everyone on the same page. “The show is deeply iterative,” says Radiolab’s Executive Producer Ellen Horne. “When we develop stories, we do draft after draft…it’s not uncommon for us to go through forty or fifty drafts.”

When Radiolab learned about Dropbox for Teams, they knew they had found a solution that could grow with the organization. Regardless of where reporters, hosts, or producers were physically located, the Radiolab team could share files quickly and easily.

“It’s been sort of surprising how much easier Dropbox has made collaboration—particularly with people who aren’t in the office with us,” Horne says. “We’re finding that as a team we’re working together better with Dropbox than we’ve ever worked before.”

Sharing content effortlessly

Content distribution is another area that improved with Dropbox for Teams. Horne explains, “We have three hundred stations carrying our show and they need promos and episodes. Dropbox makes managing communication, and getting all of our stations the materials they need, effortless.”

Sharing with offsite show contributors has also become much simpler. For instance, when the team needs to pass a draft to host Robert Krulwich, who works offsite at NPR, they can simply send him a link to the recording and get his feedback right away. Dropbox for Teams eliminates the need to email a large file that is time-consuming to both upload and download.

Working on the go

Employees at Radiolab love having the ability to select and listen to favorite files via smartphone using Dropbox for Teams. “Most of us spend up to an hour on the subway every day, so being able to listen to drafts on the train through Dropbox makes the commute a productive and delightful time,” Horne says. With Dropbox for Teams, figuring out what to take for the road is now a thing of the past. “There’s no time spent gathering things and preparing,” says Horne. “No matter where I go, I have what I need.”

Radiolab is a podcast and public radio program that investigates the interesting ways in which the world works. Produced in New York City and broadcast each week on more than 300 U.S. public stations, Radiolab explores monumental topics such as time, randomness, the limits of the mind, and the physics of the universe.


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Webinar: Better collaboration using Dropbox for Teams

Posted by Alex Yen and Deanna Dong on December 12, 2012
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Want to learn more about using Dropbox at work? Check out a recording of our recent webinar with tips on:

• Best practices on how to collaborate with colleagues
• Tips on sharing files with external clients
• Administrative tools to manage your Teams account


Customer Spotlight: Huge

Posted by Katherine Brittain on December 05, 2012
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Want to learn more about how people at other organizations use Dropbox during the work day? Meet Huge, a digital advertising agency that uses Dropbox for Teams to amplify collaboration and productivity for its team around the globe. Download the full case study here.

Effortless Integration

When Paul Doyle, Director of IT at Huge, began exploring options to address the organization’s growing need for better collaboration capabilities, his main priority was to find a way to share large files in a no-fuss, no-hassle way. With Dropbox for Teams, he found a solution that merged seamlessly with Huge’s work flow, allowing employees to share high-definition graphics and videos and parse out raw file formats to expedite work.

“Dropbox for Teams gives us the ability to share any large format file and back 
it up automatically, allowing people to work more closely together on projects,” explains Doyle. “Dropbox offers a system that fits with Huge workflows, instead of one that requires Huge to change workflows to fit the system.”

Beyond streamlining how Huge employees tackle their work, Dropbox for Teams made the lives of IT easier. “We have many people who work on two machines,” says Doyle. “By working with data in Dropbox, they can synchronize their laptops and desktops. This alleviates the need for IT to provide some sort of device to make sure multiple machines are in sync. Dropbox does it for us.”

Secure Sharing, Inside and Out

Given how quickly business moves today, Huge’s operations depend on being able to efficiently transfer ideas and information between its offices in the U.S., Europe, and South America. Features like shared folders and LAN-syncing allow Huge to immediately sync files with its London and Rio de Janeiro offices, making collaboration smoother.

“With Dropbox we can share
 with our Brazil office without having to implement any infrastructure. It used to be difficult to get things in place, but Dropbox lets us easily get files over to the South American team,” says Sam Gorney, Huge Manager of Technical Support Systems.

Dropbox for Teams is not only a great way for Huge to circulate information internally, it also makes sharing outside the team, like with clients, simple and worry-free. For example, project managers rely on Dropbox to share deliverables such as budgets, project files, and SOWs with their clients. Having the ability to share with a link makes it particularly easy for employees to send information to people outside of the organization. “Dropbox speeds up the process of collaboration between our team and external third parties, and that definitely has made a difference,” explains Doyle.

Huge is a digital advertising agency that provides strategy, design, and development services for clients such as HBO, PepsiCo, IKEA, and Toyota.  The organization helps companies transform their brands and grow their businesses by reworking websites, campaigns, and digital multimedia. With offices in the U.S., Europe, and South America, the company’s operations are dependent on the ability to effectively exchange ideas and information with Huge team members around the world.

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Collaborating with Dropbox: Shared Folders vs. Links

Posted by Sheila Vashee on October 31, 2012
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We love hearing from people about how sharing folders and links helps them collaborate more effectively with their team members. Since there are different advantages to sharing a folder versus sending a link, below are a few tips that will help you choose the best way to share.

When to share a folder:

Let’s say your group has a big client meeting next week and everyone is working together to prepare. Several team members are making edits to the presentation, working on different spreadsheets, and saving large video files. Rather than managing multiple versions of your files and emailing attachments back and forth—share a folder!


When you share a folder with your colleagues, it feels like you’re sharing a computer. All of your project files will be in one central place and any member of the folder can save changes directly to the shared copy in an instant.

When to send a link:

It’s the night before the big meeting and you’re ready to send the client a preview of the work you’ve done. The files are very large, so rather than try to zip and send as an email attachment—send a read-only link!


With a Dropbox link, your clients can view or download the latest version in seconds, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. And you don’t need to worry about re-sending the file if you notice a typo. Just update your file and the latest version is available at the original link, automatically.

Whether you want to share folders to collaborate or send links to show your stuff to others, Dropbox has you covered at work, from start to finish!