Coming soon to a Dropbox for Business near you: Single sign-on (SSO)

Posted by Anand Subramani on April 10, 2013

A couple months ago, we introduced a new admin console that gives administrators greater visibility and control over how their organization uses Dropbox. Well, the engine(er)s have been churning since then, and now we’re stoked to announce one of the features most requested by our customers, particularly larger businesses: single sign-on, or SSO.

SSO in a nutshell

SSO works behind the scenes to let users sign in just once to a central identity provider, like Active Directory, and securely access all their business apps, like Dropbox. With SSO, companies can put their existing trusted identity provider in charge of the authentication process.

For users, SSO means ease — one fewer password to remember and one fewer step to get to your work. Once logged in to your system, there’s no need to sign in to Dropbox separately. For IT admins, SSO means additional security and administrative management. Single sign-on gives you complete ownership of the authentication process and works with your company’s existing password policies. It also easily ties into the existing Dropbox provisioning and de-provisioning API to provide further Active Directory integration.

Single sign-on? Sign me up!

We’re excited to be working with a great set of identity provider partners — including Ping Identity, Okta, OneLogin, Centrify, and Symplified — to bring SSO to our customers next month. And since we’re using the industry-standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), this implementation of single sign-on integrates easily with any large identity provider your company may use that also supports SAML. Or, if you’ve gone ahead and built your own SAML-based federated authentication process, it will work with Dropbox too.

Say hello to Dropbox for Business

With all the changes we’re making to create a Dropbox that’s better for companies both large and small, it’s become clear that the name ‘Dropbox for Teams’ doesn’t quite fit anymore. To better rep the features we’re building and the awesome companies that use Dropbox to create, share, and save their most important work, we realize the time has come to rename to Dropbox for Business. But some things will never change — we still think a good picture can say it better than we ever could:

Dropbox for Business_graphic

We can’t wait to make Dropbox even better for your business.

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  • Kim

    I’m proud to be a dropboxer! :p

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  • xeleion

    Yeeess. You guys REALLY want my money over Microsoft and Google.

  • Carlo


  • Christian Cook

    Exciting news! My business revolves around Dropbox.

  • Justin Piatti

    I love dropbox!! Exciting stuff here…

  • Jason Rhodes

    I’ve been a Dropboxer since day dot. Tried Google drive as I have Google Apps. Was terrible. Was back to DB instantly. Use it on all my devices and I pay for a large account. I love the fact that @dropbox keeps getting better and better.

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  • Lew Heifner

    I love dropbox

  • Julio

    Hi Dropbox!!

  • Airwalk Design

    Brilliant. We use the Dropbox API in our creative platform (, enabling users to collect design inspiration and save it to Dropbox.

  • Elizabeth

    Can’t wait to see what other progress Dropbox will make in the next few years!

  • Christian Romeni

    Problem: Files are not crypted… Thats why I would never use DropBox for buisness….

  • gourav

    Thats grt .. nice job guys congrats !!!

  • Nathan Lloyd

    You should all try Copy, its like Dropbox, but offers more storage for your money. To get 10GB free (rather than 5GB), sign up, and install the application for many devices using this link:

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      • Nathan Lloyd

        Your choice dude, but it will be a competitor to Dropbox, and has many good features :)

        • Sk Vader

          I think you forgot to mention that you would also get an additional free 5GB for free if EmirSc signs up. Is that not a little bit disingenuous i.e. to advertise a competing product on a Dropbox website just so that you can avail of extra free space from Copy?

  • Ernest Semerda

    Nice move into Enterprise! Def needed feature which no doubt will sway in favor of Dropbox inside Enterprise firms and their strict security policies.

  • Christoph

    Add encryption to save securely encrypted files only.

  • Ronald Mc Coon

    I love the idea. It’s easier than using a lot of usernames or sharing folders. Dropbox itself is already a great software and everyone should have one.

  • John Adamson OCR

    Better than Facebook

  • ME

    This is a very nice move.
    You guys got to get encryption for us, and we would move the business over to dropbox then. Hurry as MS is pushing skydrive and skydrivepro (option via share point 2013 for private cloud storage) as well as integrating all there products with it. You have to be like VMware ahead of then ALL the time.

    Encryption is a must! Bring it and we’ll eat it up!

    • Dan

      I’m not sure if you guys are missing something, but any encryption they provide would still be no better than what they have now ( ) which is already encryption end-to-end. If you really have sensitive data, you should be managing the keys in your product, and then putting encrypted files (and no keys) into Dropbox… It’s harder, and will eventually cause you data loss when someone gets it wrong or loses a key, but I think they’ve got the right idea until then.

      If you enabled full disk encryption on all your clients that use Dropbox, your files would NEVER be sitting anywhere decrypted, or in transit. They’d only be decrypted for use.

      Unfortunately Microsoft will likely mislead the people they’re selling to that they can somehow try to say their encryption is for some reason better than Dropbox’s?

      • Matt

        I think you’ve misunderstood how whole disk encryption works. Once you’re logged in to your machine, all files are available in the clear to any application – that includes copying them to Dropbox. You’d need a DLP solution to enforce file-level encryption of data being copied to Dropbox to achieve what you’re suggesting.

  • EmirSc

    <3 dropbox

  • Waddup Wit Dat

    You’ve included several well-known towers from around the world, yet you failed to include Toronto’s CN Tower. What gives??

  • Rolandas Bauza

    You should all try Copy, its like Dropbox, but offers more storage for
    your money. To get 10GB free (rather than 5GB), sign up, and install the
    application for many devices using this link:

  • PR

    All nice and dandy. But no ability to set basic permissions when we share a folder to members of the team. Read-only permissions, at least. But no, not even that.

  • cryptochrome

    Dropbox’s feature set compared to that of is like comparing Windows 3.11 (Dropbox) to Windows 8 or OS X 10.8 ( Box is so much better.

  • Robert Freudenreich

    If you’re looking for encryption for Dropbox, have a look at our product Boxcryptor ( We also announced a new version which is targeted for businesses.

  • Hugo

    Dropbox is the best tool right now! makes my work simple!

  • Alex Simons

    Very cool news. Especially the SAML 2.0 support. Would love to work with you guys on how to integrate this with our Windows Azure Active Directory service. Contact me at @Alex_A_Simons on Twitter

  • Pete Forde

    Does this mean that I can have my personal account and login to one or multiple customer team/business groups at the same time?

  • ವಾಸುಕಿ ನರಸಿಂಹ

    I want to “Work at Dropbox”.

  • tom

    box is better

  • Bclav

    Late, just late, This is not taking an initiative, it is catching up with all applications that already secure the storage and transfers. Dropbox is not made (/safe) for business, really.

  • miocene

    Although I think Dropbox is great I doubt you have your figures right re number of businesses using Dropbox being more than all those cities combined. London alone had 806,000 businesses in 2012 and is only a fraction of the total of those cities.

  • Trond Hindenes

    Why through partners? I wish you would just leverage ADFS (Active Directory federation services) directly.

  • Sk Vader

    Dropbox is great. However, the lack of encryption is a serious problem Dropbox and indeed that all cloud storage vendors are going to have to address. I make extensive use of Dropbox but do not use it to store confidential material. The risk is unknown and out of my control and therefore must be assumed to be high.

  • Carlo

    Dropbox lovers: we created ProxToMe, the app that makes it easy to mass
    distribute all your Dropbox content to other users in the room -known and
    unknown- 1-to-1 and 1-to-many. Check it out: it’s for iOS and Android!

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  • Mark L.

    I love dropbox but there are three simple things that would make it better. 1- a simple address book tat you could access to delete contacts or send out group emails to all of the people sharing a certain file. 2- The ability for others not to see who is sharing a file. 3- the ability to lock a file so only the admin. could drop in files, like a read only access. Maybe some of these are in play I just cant see them and has asked tech support several times over the last year with no response